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    Friday, August 14, 2009

    Executive Committee 2009-2011

    Bersatu's 14th BGM was held at the Jeruton Hotel, Jerudong today on 14th August 2009.

    The Executive Committee for 2007-2009 was dissolved and the new Executive Committee for 2009-2011 was elected and are as follows:

    Norhayati Haji Nordin (PY87/NL08)
    Ibrahim Haji Sabli (PY01)
    Zulkifle Haji Asmad (PY96)
    Haji Daud Haji Matarsat (PY86)
    Haji Muhammad Hafiy Abdullah Fung (PY91)
    Haji Jailani Haji Ibrahim (PY85/NL05)
    Mosli Haji Abdul Hadis (PY87)
    Haji Hassan Haji Shaari (PY85)

    The new Executive Committee will meet and decide amongst themselves who will hold the 8 different posts of the Executive Committee (President, Deputy President 1 & 2, Secretary General, Treasurer, Deputy Secretary General 1 & 2 and Deputy Treasurer). The new Executive Committee will also be selecting the new Bureau Heads.

    Wednesday, August 12, 2009

    Agenda Mesyuarat Agung ke-14

    1. Bacaan Surah Al-Fatihah

    2. Ucapan Yang Di Pertua Persatuan Bersatu

    3. Mensahkan Minit Mesyuarat Agung ke-13

    4. Perkara-perkara berbangkit daripada Minit Mesyuarat Agung ke-13

    5. Pembentangan Laporan Aktiviti 2007-2009

    6. Pembentangan Laporan Kewangan 2007-2009

    7. Pembubaran Ahli Jawatankuasa Tertinggi Sessi 2007-2009

    8. Pengumuman Keputusan Pemilihan Ahli Jawatankuasa Tertinggi Sessi 2009-2011

    9. Doa Penutup

    Monday, August 10, 2009


    As announced previously, the elections for the new Executive Committee for 2009-2011 will take place during the 14th Biannual General Meeting.

    Briefly, the procedure for voting on the day will be as follows:

    - Only registered members are able to run for the 8 Executive Posts available. If you have not registered yet as a member, you may register on the day in order to be nominated (Lifetime membership is $100 + $10 registration fee = $110)
    - All BPYs are allowed to vote (whether registered or non-registered).
    - All attendees are to report to the registration desk on arrival where they will receive their voting form
    - Registered members will be asked whether they wish to be nominated. If they agree, their names will be recorded and they will be introduced during the meeting.
    - Registered members HAVE to be present at the meeting in order to be nominated. If however, you are unable to attend and have a valid reason and you would still like to be nominated, you should inform the Executive Committee in writing. The Committee will then decide whether to accept the reason for the absence and to submit his/her nomination in his/her absence during the elections.
    - Once the list of nominees have been finalised, all BPYs will record on their voting form a maximum of ten people from the list they would like to vote for.
    - The votes will be counted at the end of the meeting and the top 8 nominees with the most number of votes will be announced as the new Executive Committee.
    - The Executive Committee will then meet separately at another time to decide amongst themselves who will hold which of the 8 posts (e.g. President, Vice President, Secretary,etc)

    See you there!

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