Friday, August 31, 2007

    Happy 3rd Anniversary 31st SSEAYP 2004

    I completely forgot about our 3rd anniversary until I received an email from the mailing list from Lida CPY who wished everyone a happy anniversary. Even though its been 3 years a lot of the memories are still fresh in our minds and will hopefully stay fresh for the years to come. I'm also happy to hear that Ayumi JPY from my own SG J will be joining me as OBSC this year! As well as our favourite admins Masa, Kyohei and Nyoko and Naoko JPY will also be admin. I know things will never be the same but still am looking forward to the experience again and reminiscing about the good times :)

    I know I shouted at you guys a lot, but I still miss you guys....

    Thursday, August 30, 2007

    SSEAYP 2007 - Brunei Youth Leader And Assistant Youth Leader

    BPY2007 practising tonight for their National Day Performance

    After weeks of waiting (again), the Brunei YL and AYL for this year's SSEAYP was finally revealed to the BPYs tonight just before midnight (29th August). Congratulations to Badar (YL) and Tasha (AYL)! Do your best for the contingent and to all BPYs I hope you will all lend them your full support. ;)

    (L-R) Badar (YL) & Tasha (AYL)

    For more on BPY2007, check out their blog on

    Monday, August 27, 2007

    SSEAYP 2007 - Brunei National Leader, Discussion Facilitator, Representative of Host Families and OBSC

    Finally, after several weeks of uncertainty, Department of Youth and Sports (JBS) has announced this year's Brunei National Leader for this year's SSEAYP: Haji Muhammad Hafiy bin Abdullah Fung.
    Haji Muhammad Hafiy was elected to the Bersatu Executive Committee earlier this year and currently holds the post of Treasurer. He previously served Bersatu as its secretary-general from 2005-2007 session. He is an ex-PY from 18th SSEAYP in 1991. He currently works as a Superintendent for the Royal Customs and Excise Department in Brunei. The Brunei National Leader 2007 will join the other nations' NLs in Tokyo for the first 34th SSEAYP COC meeting from September 5-6th

    Meanwhile, Brunei will also be represented for the first time in the Discussion Program this year with the involvement of Lim Ghee Bee as Discussion Facilitator specifically in the Volunteer Activities topic.

    Ghee Bee or Cheryl was a BPY from the 24th SSEAYP in 1997 and currently resides in Singapore. She is currently active in several volunteer activities in Singapore. Cheryl attended the Discussion Facilitator's 1st meeting from 6-9th August 2007 and will join the program in Tokyo on 27th October and leave the ship on 20th November in Kuala Lumpur.
    (SSEAYP discussion facilitator picture taken with thanks from ASSEAY website)
    As usual this year, Brunei's host families will also be represented at this year's SSEAYP. The purpose is to promote further understanding of the SSEAYP among the host families in each contry and to encourage the smooth operation of homestay program by inviting them to Japan as a token of gratitude for the years of hosting PYs in their homes. This year Brunei will be represented by Zainal Haji Jaidin of Keriam and Hajah Kartina Haji Ahmad of STKRJ Lambak Kiri. Awang Zainal has hosted PYs during SSEAYP 8 times now since 1994. He currently works as a Storekeeper Grade 2 at Universiti Brunei Darussalam. Hajah Kartina meanwhile, has hosted PYs 6 times since 1996 and is a Youth and Sports Worker at the Youth Development Centre in Lambak Kanan. Both individual's families have also been active in Bersatu's other homestay programs. The Host family representatives will fly with the BPY 2007 on the 22nd October to Tokyo and will return to Brunei on 26th October.

    And finally I'm sure you'll recognise the Representative of the Alumni Association to the On Board Ship Conference (OBSC) for Bersatu....

    Dr Ahmad Fakhri was elected to the Executive Committee of Bersatu earlier this year and serves as the Secretary General for Session 2007-2009. He was the Youth Leader of batch 2004 and has been active in Bersatu since leaving the ship. Dr Ahmad Fakhri works as a Medical Officer in the Department of Health Services. The OBSC representative will join the PYs on the Nippon Maru at Saigon Port in Ho Chi Minh City on 3rd December and will return to their respective countries on 14th December. The OBSC provides a venue for the alumni associations to share one another's post program projects, to discuss ongoing and prospective collaborative activities, to introduce SI to the current PYs and to prepare the publication of SSEAYP News (SI's newsletter).

    Shizuoka goes bye-bye 26th August

    Group photo with the Shizuoka Group, Bersatu members and Host families

    Shizuoka Youth Group finally departed Brunei to return to Japan on Sunday 26th Augus. They will be staying in Singapore for a night before heading back to Tokyo. Fortunately the check in and sending off went on without too much drama. Phew!

    With the fabulously energetic grannies from Shizuoka ( Yoshiko-san and Youko-san)

    Sayonara! Ja mata rainen
    Thank you to everyone involved especially to all the ex-pys, foster parents and people of Kampong Subok who have made the visit a resounding success. Special thanks to Rozan 92, Bulat 96, Ali 04, Nazmo 05, Wafiy 06, Keedon 06, Mar 98, Var 05, and of course YDP who have worked very hard to help out throughout the visit. Well done guys! See you all again soon!

    Sunday, August 26, 2007

    Shizuoka-Subok Farewell Party 25th August

    The farewell party was held at the Ketua Kampong Subok's House in the evening of the 25th August attended by the youth group, host families, Bersatu members as well as the village people (no, not those village people!)

    The President gives a speech

    The event started with baca surah al-fatihah, speeches from President of Bersatu, Vice Chairman of the Subok Consultative Council (Majlis Perundingan Subok) and Mr Kazuaki Kato from the Shizuoka Youth Group.
    Ketua Kampong presents gifts to the Shizuoka Group

    Next we had gift exchanges between Ketua Kampong and the youth group, the youth group to host families and ceritificate presentations to the host families. Finally Bersatu presented a gift of appreciation to Ketua Kampong Subok in appreciation for co-hosting the visit (a photo album with pictures from the events).

    Guest of Honour, Awg Ang Swan Chee presenting certificate to Norhayati (host family and also PY04)

    There were two places to have dinner, one under the "tent" (kem) and the other inside the house. Those having dinner under the tent had to brave deep mud because of the rain. As everyone enjoyed their dinner, the live band accompanied the food with some music.

    My shoes in the deep mud!

    Some lovely girls from the village presented a dance that was unfortunately cut short due to a technical error.
    Subok girls waiting for their turn to perform

    Japanese Calligraphy (from L-R: Subok, Brunei and Japan)

    The Japanese presented a few things. Japanese calligraphy, origami and a Japanese children's game called Fukuwanai. Their dance presentation was also unfortunately cut short too due to the same technical error (tape player rosak).
    No bukan sembahyang, Japanese game of Fukuwanai

    The live band then took over and played out the rest of the evening. Much appreciation to the band and the lively "youths" from Subok and Shizuoka for their enthusiastic reception to the music :)
    Ali, NL and YL of batch 2004
    Spot the ex-PY! (Hint: You can see the faces of three! 1 from 01 and, 1 from 96 and 1 from 86)
    Pictures are courtesy of Baim 01 and bloggers own.

    Friday, August 24, 2007

    Shizuoka-Subok Activities

    On Friday, Kampong Subok organised a whole day of activities for the visiting Shizuoka Group. It all started at 8.30 when everyone gathered at the Ketua Kampong's house again.

    There were a few activities which everyone could join in such as making ketupat and baskets, traditional cooking (ayam masak kari) before everyone enjoyed their lunch.

    And of course no visit to Brunei is complete without the obligatory ambuyat tasting!

    After lunch and a break for Friday prayers for the men, everyone set off for a hike to the top of Bukit Kemunting for a great view.....

    Before heading back to the Ketua Kampong's house tired but satisfied, to be picked up by their host families.

    Thursday, August 23, 2007

    Shizuoka does BSB!

    As part of their visit here, Bersatu arranged a city tour for them which started at the Kampong Subok Head House. at 8.30am From there we took them by bus to the Royal Regalia Building, Technology Museum and then Pusat Kesenian where they boarded a perahu (boat) for their visit around Kampong Air (Water Village). The Kampong Air tour, much to my chagrin, included an unscheduled stop at one of the locals houses where they were served tea and some kueh.

    Then on to the Yayasan Complex where everybody was hungry and after a brief photo session , everyone headed up for CA Mohammad for lunch. After lunch was some free time where the group stayed to relax, take more photos and shop before heading off to the Masjid Jame Asr briefly before ending with a courtesy call to HE Ambassador of Japan to Brunei Darussalam.

    Thanks to Rozan '92, Ali '04, Nazmo '05, Wafiy '06, Keedon '06 and Mariana '98 for helping with the city tour!

    Wednesday, August 22, 2007

    Shizuoka Group Visits Brunei again (22-26 August)

    Shizuoka Group from Japan makes their annual visit to Brunei Darussalam. This year there were a total of 21 (half of them teenagers, the other veterans) participants plus the 2 Katos who usually lead the group to Brunei.

    They arrived today on SQ182 and went by bus straight to Bersatu HQ for a brief introduction by the Secretary General and Deputy Secretary General 2 as the Chairman and Secretary respectively, for the visit

    Just light snacks while they were there and then off to UBD for a visit.

    For this visit Bersatu had decided to host the visit along with Majlis Perundingan Kampong Subok (Subok Village Consultative Council). Half of the participants were hosted by families from Kg Subok and others by our gracious Host Family regulars.

    Homestay matching was meant to be at the Kampong Subok Head House at 5 pm but things took a little bit longer at UBD, and they only eventually arrived at 5.50pm. Sigh. Stress aku. Anyway, their arrival was accompanied by hadrah and bunga telur and a photo session. Then the homestay matching ceremony was carried out where the "children" are introduced to their host families for the first time. Tiring day for all especially the participants who had left Japan the midnight before. They will leave on Sunday 26th August at 1220pm.

    Thanks to all the ex-PYs who have helped today, to the Kampong people for being patient and organising today's homestay matching and also to the patient host families!

    Tomorrow, the city tour!

    Monday, August 20, 2007

    Bersatu given 4 hours at New BPYs Orientation

    Well at least its something. The New BPYs started their orientation on Sunday 19th August and are due to finish on the morning of Friday 24th August. Their orientation plans to include night stays at Berakas Forest Reserve and Serasa Beach.

    So Bersatu was given a time slot to share experiences of the ship in Pusat Belia on 20th August 2007

    First thing's first: An introduction from the President and the Vice President 1 at 5.30 pm which lasted about 40 minutes. He ran through a presentation to introduce the Association to the PYs and how they're supposed to join. Then a break for sembahyang and dinner.

    From L-R: Fakhri, Meela and a bored Var PY05

    Second round was time for Fakhri (YL04) and Meela (YL05) to share their experiences on board the ship. Billah (YL06) joined in towards the end. Tried to ram in the message that they should join the association when they come back. We had a little session after the presentation where the new PYs were divided into groups (i.e. who's responsible for what eg. discussion, club activities, etc ) with each group being given advice by the oh-so-knowledgeable ex-PYs on their responsibilities.

    At the end, they gave us a token of their appreciation (sponsored by JBS) and the YLs demonstrated how a gift exchange ceremony works.

    L-R Back (Yati '87, Yati '02, Zul '96, Zul '94, Bulat '96, Diman '01) & Front (Hail '05, Mac '93)

    Thanks to all the exPYs who were there to support and thank you to JBS for giving us the opportunity to share our experiences with the new PYs.

    L-R: Front (Haslinda '03, Hjh Sita '92, Adeq '05, Noraini '01/'03) & Back (Roslan '96 & another exPY )

    BPY2007, hope our sessions was useful. If you need any more help, you know where to find us!Oh and don't forget us when you come back ;)

    Check out their blog on

    (Pictures are courtesy of Baim BPY01)


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