Saturday, June 28, 2008

    35th SSEAYP Schedule

    Inauguration Ceremony: October 22nd (Tokyo)

    Country Program in Japan: Oct.23-30th

    Sailing Schedule: Oct.31st – Dec. 10th.





    Yokohama Port (Japan)


    October 31st

    Muara Port (Brunei Darussalam)

    November 6th

    November 9th

    Jakarta (Indonesia)

    November 12th

    November 15th

    Bangkok (Thailand)

    November 19th

    November 23rd

    Ho Chi Minh City (Viet Nam)

    November 26th

    November 29th

    Manila (Philippines)

    December 2nd

    December 5th

    Tokyo (Japan)

    December 10th



    Note: 1. All NLs and PYs from ASEAN countries arrive in

    Tokyo on Oct. 21 by air and participate in the Country

    Program in Japan.

    2. All NLs and PYs leave Japan on Oct. 31, carry out the

    activities on board and in countries of visit, and then

    return to Japan on Dec. 10.

    3. NLs and PYs from ASEAN countries return home by

    air on Dec. 11.

    4. The delegation (YLs) flies to Phnom Penh, Cambodia

    during the stay in Thailand.

    So mark your calendars for the reunion on board in Brunei for November 8th. This might be your last chance to see our beloved Nippon Maru (please see previous post to see why)

    BPY07 will be organising this year's reunion.

    Fuji Maru, sailing the blue, blue ocean??

    Farewell Nippon Maru!

    As everyone is no doubt already aware by now, this year will most likely be the last year the SSEAYP will be held on board a ship called the Nippon Maru. The Nippon Maru will be refitted after this year's SSEAYP.

    I'm sure we will all miss our beloved Nippon Maru. Fortunately, SSEAYP will still continue, but this time on board the ship Fuji Maru. On 22nd June, the Fuji Maru visited the port of Ishinomaki in Japan and Momo JPY06, managed to take some pictures of the ship while she was there.

    As you can see they both look very similar. See if you can spot the differences!

    Hello Fuji Maru!

    Thank you to Momo JPY06 for the wonderful pictures!

    June Conference, Tokyo 2008

    The June Conference of SSEAYP was held in Tokyo from 9-12 June 2008. Representatives from the Governments of the 10 ASEAN Countries and Japan as well as Representatives from the Alumni Associations were invited for the meeting. Bersatu was represented by Norhayati Haji Nordin, the Deputy President 2.

    The meeting was to discuss regarding the implementation of the 35th SSEAYP this year. The Discussion Program will have the theme "Youth Participation in Social Activities".

    After the meeting with the Government Representatives, the Council of Presidents (COP) held the 43th COP Meeting.

    43rd COP Meeting

    For a more comprehensive report of the June conference and the issues covered during the 43rd COP Meeting, please visit the ASSEAY website.

    Thanks to ASSEAY for the pictures and the report!

    Nippon Maru Cruise

    Do you miss sailing the blue, blue ocean?

    To celebrate 50 years since the Launch of the International Youth Exchange Program sponsored by the Cabinet Office, Government of Japan, the International Youth Exchange Organization of Japan(IYEO)& Center for International Youth Exchange Collaborative Program is organising a short cruise on the Nippon Maru from 19th-20th August 2008. The ship will sail from Yokaichi port to Yokohama port.

    For more information you can visit and download the form on which has more information on prices.

    Prices start at JPY37,000 (roughly BND490.

    BERSATU: BN SSEAYP Alumni Association

    BERSATU was officially launched on the 28th June 1987, at Bandar Seri Begawan in conjunction with the official opening of the first annual general meeting.

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