Wednesday, October 29, 2008

    Liasion Officer


    KETUA : Awg Ahanapi Hj Mahadi

    PEN. KETUA : Amal Sharifizah Md Amin




    1. Hj Md Aizat Lutfi bin Hj Ahamad
    2. Md Nazmi bin Hj Mahali



    1. Hj Md Badaruddin bin Hj Abdul Karim
    2. Jennifer Mok Thai Geok



    1. Mohd Sadri bin Hussin
    2. Abdul Rahman bin Hj Ismail



    1. Alizah binti Hidup
    2. Muhammad Ikhwan bin Hj Masri

    Viet Nam


    1. Mohammad Mahadzir Iskandar bin Zakaria
    2. Haji Atarmimi@Atarmizie bin Hj Anuar



    1. Hjh Azimah binti Hj Saini
    2. Ak Mohd Amieruddin bin Pg Hj Mohd Daud

    Lao PDR


    1. Yusrina binti Hj Adanan
    2. Hj Abdul Rahman bin Hj Ahim



    1. Hj Al-Mohtadee Billah bin Hj Abdul Kahar
    2. Hj Muhd Shahrin bin Abdullah



    1. Natasha Rabiqah Halim Md Yusof
    2. Mohd Hilman bin Hussain



    1. Mohammad Shafie bin Othman
    2. Abdul Wafiy bin Hj Jumat



    1. Awg Hj Mohd Azlan bin Hj Jali
    2. Kamaluddin bin Saab

    Brunei Darussalam


    Discussion Group


    Md Nazmi bin Hj Mahali

    Mohd Sadri bin Hussin

    Haji Atarmimi@Atarmizie bin Hj Anuar

    1 (Cross-Cultural Understanding)

    Muzium Brunei

    Mohd Hilman bin Hussain

    Mohammad Mahadzir Iskandar bin Zakaria

    Alizah binti Hidup

    2 (Envrionment)

    Jabatan Alam Sekitar Taman dan Rekreasi

    Hj Al-Mohtadee Billah bin Hj Abdul Kahar

    Yusrina binti Hj Adanan

    Hj Abdul Rahman bin Hj Ahim

    3 (Information (Digital Divide)


    Amal Sharifizah Md Amin

    Hj Muhd Shahrin bin Abdullah

    4 (International Relations)

    Jabatan ASEAN, MOFAT

    Abdul Wafiy bin Hj Jumat

    Abdul Rahman bin Hj Ismail

    Natasha Rabiqah Halim Md Yusof

    5 (School Education)


    Muhammad Ikhwan bin Hj Masri

    Mohammad Shafie bin Othman

    Kamaluddin bin Saab

    6 (Traditional Culture)

    Kampong Ayer

    Jennifer Mok Thai Geok

    Ak Mohd Amieruddin bin Pg Hj Mohd Daud

    Hj Md Aizat Lutfi bin Hj Ahamad

    7 (Volunteer Activities)

    Pusat Ehsan

    Hjh Azimah binti Hj Saini

    Hj Md Badaruddin bin Hj Abdul Karim

    Hj Mohd Azlan bin Hj Jali

    8 (Youth Development)

    Child Development Centre (CDC)

    Tuesday, October 28, 2008

    SSEAYP2008 Bersatu Secretariat

    Bersatu secretariat is open at Block C3, Anggrek Desa Flat, (same simpang as AiTi) 2nd Floor until the ship arrives at the following times:

    Monday-Thursday, Saturdays : 4.30-6.30pm

    Friday-Sunday: 3-6pm

    Secretariat is open to receive registration and payment for Reunion as well as to receive application forms for host families.

    Also please take note that Host Families briefing will be at the Indoor Stadium at 3 pm on Sunday 2nd November 2008.

    Tuesday, October 21, 2008

    BPY2008 leave for SSEAYP!

    After months of waiting and training, BPY2008 finally departed for the 35th SSEAYP on Monday 20th October. They took the flight to Singapore where they will change onto a flight to Tokyo Japan for the beginning of this year's SSEAYP. This year may be the last year that the Nippon Maru is used for this year's SSEAYP.

    Present to send off the BPYs was the Acting Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, YB Pehin Orang Kaya Seri Dewa Major General (Rtd) Dato Seri Pahlawan Awg Hj Mohammad Hj Daud w(who was there to present the flag to the NL) and the Ambassador of Japan, His Excellency Mr Hashimoto Itsuo.

    The Acting Minister greets the PYs.

    The Acting Minister handsover the flag to the National Leader

    L-R , YL, NL, AYL

    The obligatory cheers

    BPY07 cheers in return

    Bersatu president with representatives of Host Family who also left with the Brunei contingent

    BNL08 and BNL06

    We will see the BPYs again when the Nippon Maru makes Brunei Darussalam its first port of call on the 6th November.

    And to all ex-PYs, don't forget to register for the reunion! And anyone interested in becoming host family please contact the secretariat.

    BPY2008 Dinner at Ambassador of Japan’s Residence

    On the 17th October 2008, the Japanese Ambassador, His Excellency Mr Hashimoto Itsuo hosted the annual dinner for the year's Brunei PYs at the Japanese Ambassador's Residence in Kota Batu. YB Pehin Orang Kaya Setia Pahlawan Dato Seri Setia Dr. Awang Haji Ahmad bin Haji Jumat he Minister of Culture Youth and Sports and the Dato Paduka Haji Jemat bin Ampal, the Permanent Secretary of Youth and Sports were also present.

    Other invited guests included officials from the Department of Youth and Sports, Japanese Embassy officials as well as Bersatu Executive Committee Members, representatives from the Brunei-Japan Friendship Association and representatives of Host Family.

    His Excellency presenting the air tickets to the NL.

    Representatives of Host Family were also invited to the dinner

    YL giving a speech

    Briefing for Host Family Representatives

    Bersatu organised a dinner on Wednesday 15th October 2008 at Nyonya Restaurant, Serusop to brief the Host Families representatives who will be going to Japan at the invitation of the Cabinet Office. The 2 Representatives will fly to Japan with the rest of the Brunei Darussalam contingent Monday 21st October and will return to Brunei on 25th October. The representatives and their respective husbands

    The President and Vice Presidents

    Hjh Rafiah with her husband Junaidee 89

    Hjh Raimah and husband

    With YL and AYL 08

    Every year during SSEAYP, Bersatu selects 2 representatives from the host families to be sent to Japan at the invitation of the Cabinet Office of Japan. This is done as a token of gratitude for their years of hosting PYs in their homes.

    Also present at the briefing were members of the Executive Committee and Bureau Heads, the Host Family Representatives' spouses, as well as the YL and AYL for BPY2008.

    Reunion on Board Ticket rules for Non-PYs

    Just to clarify a few things.....

    1)Because this is a reunion for Ex-PYs, Ex-PYs will be given priority for registration.

    2)The Committee has decided to set a deadline for 27th October 2008 for registration of ex-PYs for the reunion. After this date, ex-PYs may continue to register for the reunion until 2nd November 2008. Non-PYs (including husband/wife) may only be registered after 27th October 2008 in order to give opportunity for ex-PYs to register.

    3) Each ex-PY may only be allowed to buy one ticket for a non-PY and may only do so after 27th October.

    4) Only guests who are 12 years old and above may be permitted to attend the reunion.

    For any further information, please email

    Monday, October 13, 2008

    Host Families for SSEAYP wanted!

    The Nippon Maru will be in Muara Port in Brunei Darussalam from Thursday 6th November to Sunday 9th November 2008 as part of the Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Program (SSEAYP). This may be the last year the Nippon Maru is used for the SSEAYP.

    The Homestay Program of this year's SSEAYP will be held in Brunei from Friday 7th November to Sunday 9th November. The Homestay Matching Ceremony will take place from 10am -12pm at the Indoor Stadium on the 7th November and Host families are required to return the youths back to the Nippon Maru at Muara Port on Sunday 9th November before 12pm. There you will be given the opportunity to take a tour around the ship with your youths. The Farewell Ceremony will also take place at the Port and the ship is scheduled to leave Muara Port by 4pm.

    Bersatu Association has been given the task to organise the Homestay Program this year.

    If you are interested in hosting at least 2 youths (between age 18-30) as part of the Homestay Program this year, we would love to hear from you.

    Becoming a host family includes inviting the youths to stay in your home for the three days and two nights as part of the "homestay". During that time, you will be the youths' "family" and will introduce to the youths to the Bruneian way of life. This is an excellent opportunity for you to learn about each other's cultures.

    The briefing for this year's homestay program will take place at the Indoor Stadium on sunday 2nd November 2008 at 2.30pm.

    For further information please contact Fakhri at 8771978 / or Zul at 8648055/ or Hjh Roha at 8757973 / . For the application form to become a host family for this year, please email the secreatariat at

    Tuesday, October 07, 2008

    L.O.s for Brunei country program for SSEAYP

    Please find the list of names that will be submitted to Department of Youth and Sports to be Liaision Officers during the country program below.

    Due to the overwhelming response, we were unable to select all those who have applied and we apologise to those who have not been selected and congratulate those who have.

    Please note that you will be required to look for a dark blue blazer to be worn during your duties as an L.O. A meeting will be called closer to the date to discuss L.O.s jobs and responsibilities. If your name has been chosen and you require "surat kelonggaran" and have not submitted your office details, please email Fakhri at

    Head : Awang Ahanapi bin Hj Mahadi 88
    Assistant Head: Amal Sharifizah Md Amin 02

    1. Amal Sharifizah Md Amin 02
    2. Hj Md Aizat Lutfi bin Hj Ahamad 07
    3. Muhd Nazmi bin Mahali 05
    4. Hj Badaruddin bin Hj Abdul Karim 07
    5. Mohd Sadri bin Hussin 04
    6. Mohammad Shafie bin Othman 07
    7. Abdul Rahman bin Hj Ismail 06
    8. Muhammad Ikhwan bin Hj Masri 07
    9. Jennifer Mok Thai Geok 07
    10. Ak Mohd Amieruddin bin Pg Hj Mohd Daud 07
    11. Mohammad Mahadzir Iskandar bin Zakaria 07
    12. Alizah binti Hidup 07
    13. Haji Al Mohtadee Billah bin Hj Abdul Kahar 06
    14. Haji Abdul Rahman bin Haji Ahim 06
    15. Kamaludin bin Saab 06
    16. Abdul Wafiy bin Haji Jumat 06
    17. Mohamad Hilman bin Husain 06
    18. Haji Muhd Shahrin bin Abdullah 07
    19. Yusrina binti Hj Adanan 06
    20. Hjh Azimah binti Haji Saini 07
    21. Rabiqah Natasha Halim Md Yusof 07
    22. Hj Mohd Azlan bin Hj Jali 05
    23. Hj Atarmimi@Atarmizie bin Haji Anuar 06

    Bersatu would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and hope to see you continue to be active in the Association in the future.

    BERSATU: BN SSEAYP Alumni Association

    BERSATU was officially launched on the 28th June 1987, at Bandar Seri Begawan in conjunction with the official opening of the first annual general meeting.

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